Uncertain Times
Gabe Carbonara
digital comic

    Uncertain Times is a story about a fictional character named Olmar and his cousin Enrique. The two cousins live in a small town in modern middle America. Enrique is a newly arrived immigrant who comes to the U.S. to live with Olmar and his family, and to pursue a better future for himself. The story is about navigating the process of immigration as a process of adjustment, and the unforeseen obstacles that come with living in the U.S. without documentation. While emergency care facilities are available to all persons regardless of citizenship, rates are significant, and navigating the overall healthcare system can become a series of obstacles, when looking for standard or extensive care, and how easy or hard that is depends largely on an individual’s situation.  Influencing factors include state of residence, legal/visa status, and their overall familiarity with the U.S., meaning the language, and systems that guide them through each relevant process. The story of Enrique and Olmar give reference to the options and circumstances that exist for those who are undocumented, who become suddenly in need of medical care, and need to begin navigating.